Obsession Formula Story & Real Proof

Obsession Formula Front CoverYou’ve heard the stories…

You’ve seen the proof…

But still you wonder…

“How is this possible?”

How can a below-average guy go up to women in broad daylight… and create a sexual spark in less than 60 seconds?

How does this guy get girls so turned on… to where the girls literally do all the work for them?

Well, Jeremy was asking himself the same, before he wrote to me and said,

Bro, I got a copy of the Obsession Formula on Friday night. Watched through the whole thing pretty quick. Saturday morning, I laced up my Nike’s, put on my cleanest white v-neck, and hit the streets.


Before I knew it, I had four numbers. I’m thinking it took me about 50 minutes, but the time flew because it was so easy and I was having so much fun. There was one girl on the street, one girl in line at starbucks, another who was working at American Apparel, and even a realtor.

She was hosting an open house, and I struck up a conversation with her when no one was there… honestly, I probably could have pulled her into the bedroom if the day was ending. These were all super hot babes so I was feeling on top of the world. But the best was yet to come.

When I was watching the course, I was obviously pretty interested in the section where Yad shows how to make out with a girl on the street, but I thought there’s NO WAY I could pull of something like that, because I’m 42, and I don’t know, it just seems uncouth.

But going 4/4 on getting numbers, I thought you know, what the f*ck do I have to lose, why don’t I give it a try?

So I spotted this freaking vixen of a babe. As I later learned, she was 26 years old, and she’s sitting there at a little cafe and having an espresso. She was well-dressed, reading a book (imagine that!) and looking like perfect girlfriend material.

Approached, followed Yad’s techniques, and of course she was loving every second of it. The conversation flowed so easily, and basically transitioned to an “instadate” right then and there. Fifteen minutes later, we’re making out and I’m tasting her sweet coffee kisses (thank God I’d had my own latte just a bit earlier lol).

Based on Yad’s suggestion, I had already planned out my logistics, so I suggested that we go for a walk… and lo and behold, we found ourselves back at my place. Our romance continued with a bottle of wine (thanks for that tip from your girlfriend system… now I always keep one around!) and made it’s way into the bedroom.

In this past, I would have scoffed at a lot of this stuff as “pickup artist tricks” but here’s the thing: I NEVER would have met this girl if I hadn’t bought this course.

And it was seriously one of the best days of my life. So fun, adventurous and romantic for both of us. She said the same thing, that she’d always fantasized about some guy sweeping her off her feet and having a whirlwind romance.

So thank you thank you thank you for everything you’ve put out, and for getting us access to the course. It feels like I have some kind of superpowers now!”

Bravo, Jeremy.

I LOVE getting stories like that.

I love it when it’s win-win with you and the girl…

Because look, getting laid is great and all, but if it’s shallow and empty, then you’re missing out on the best of it.

And that’s the thing I love about this program.

No crowded clubs… no expensive bar tabs… no wading through a sea of douchebags.

…and no drunk, social-status-seeking girls who have their attitudes set to “reject all who approach”.

You meet quality women, when no one else is trying to hit on them.

And with this system, you get numbers, dates, and, well… how far do you want to take it? Jeremy showed us that it’s possible to go all the way 😉

So let me be as clear as I possibly can…

If you want in… this is your last chance to GET in!

The counter is ticking down.

As I write this, you’ve got just over 11 hours before they close the doors.

Say Yes To The Obsession Formula Before It’s Closed!

So look, dude… the power is in your hands now.

You can unlock the door to confidence, choice, and control… with the onlysystem that gives you step-by-step instructions for meeting and seducing women during the day…

Or… you can continue to stand there and watch as that door gets locked right in front of your face.

Stand there and let another opportunity pass you by…

Stand there and let life continue to pass you by.

So stop being a bystander…

Go out there and dominate 😉

A Word From The Creator Of The Obsession Formula


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How To Text Her Review

What’s up dude.

Our HOW2TXTHER sale is underway… over 400 copies flew off the virtual shelves in the last 24 hours. So if you’re not yet onboard, I think it’s fair to ask:

Do women LOVE your texts… or do they merely put up with them?

Like… do women eagerly reply to you, try to keep conversations going, and try to convince you to let them come over?

Because if your texts don’t make them laugh… don’t create suspense and mystery… and don’t get them addicted to hearing from you…

…then every text you send is decreasing your chances of seeing her again.

It’s a fact.

In HOW2TXTHER, I show you the exact messages you need to send to get her addicted to you… and of course, what NOT to do.

Here are three “oh my god why the f did he do that?” mistakes that you’re never allowed to do again…

How NOT To Text Her

1: Not Asking Her Out

Do you want to date her? Make sweet love to her? Make her your girlfriend?

Well then, you’ve gotta ask her out, homeboy.

If you’ve been messaging for more than two days and you haven’t asked her out, you’re doing it wrong.

2. Whining Or Trying To Bond On Stuff That Gets You Down

Don’t be a little bitch and whine about things that annoy you.

You may think that you’re building rapport with her… opening up about your life and maybe even sharing something that frustrates you both… but you’re just becoming less interesting and mysterious.

And when there’s no mystery… when she has you figured out… she stops chasing.

3. Making Her Your Girlfriend Before She’s Your Girlfriend

Just because she’s responding to you, doesn’t mean that you’re “in there”.

Just because you had one good date doesn’t mean that she’s your future wife.

So don’t start confessing your feelings, or sharing every detail of your life with her. Keep her on her toes, and as I teach in HOW2TXTHER, give her the excitement of uncertainty.

How To Text Her The Right Way

Use the “slow text” technique to make her wonder if she’s lost you.

Keep it interesting and exciting for her… that’s how you get her damn near addicted to you.

Here Is a True But SAD Fact…

When a woman gives you her phone number you have a small window of opportunity to turn that number into a date, sex, or a relationship…

Every second that goes by… that window begins closing and your chances of ever getting her out begin to disappear.

That’s why you can’t just send her text after text after text and think that something good will happen eventually…

It won’t.

You’ve got to make something happen.

So What Should You Do?

It’s pretty simple.

Use my five magic messages.

Each of these messages are specifically designed to lead toward a meet-up.

Use these texts and you won’t have to worry about being stuck in the “texting friend zone” (which is actually much worse than the “friend zone”)

And of course, let me know how it works for you 😉

Rock and roll,

P.S. One more thing

YES, these messages will work on a girl who you’re *in* the texting-friend-zone with now.

But ya know… I’d rather that you hadn’t put yourself there in the first place 😉

Get out, and get her out, with HOW2TXTHER.